“Young Factor”: a project in pursuit of economic and financial literacy

Jean-Claude Trichet presented the first edition of the project “Young Factor”

It ‘was inaugurated today in Florence, attended by Jean-Claude Trichet, in front of over 300 students of Italian secondary schools, the first edition of the project “Young Factor” sponsored by the Osservatorio Permanenet Giovani-Editori, chaired by Andrea Ceccherini, with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo, Monte dei Paschi di Siena and UniCredit.
After the event in Milan last May during which Carlo Messina (CEO Intesa Sanpaolo), Federico Ghizzoni (CEO UniCredit) and Fabrizio Viola (AD Banca MPS) have welcomed the appeal made by the President of the Permanent Giovani-Editori Andrea Ceccherini and have signed a strategic alliance with him, signing the memorandum of understanding, which has led efforts to implement an initiative to raise the economic and financial literacy of young Italians. After six months have passed from words to deeds and today kicks off the national project “Young Factor” which aims to promote a greater economic and financial culture among the young generation of our country and involving already in school year 2014/2015, the first year of the project, 330,081 students of Italian secondary schools. “Where the economic and financial culture is weaker, the crisis is stronger. What are the President of the Osservatorio Permanente Giovani-Editori Andrea Ceccherini said in his speech. It will mean something – and you asked, continuing Ceccherini – if its countries in Europe that have less economic and financial culture were the ones that the crisis has hit hardest? It will mean, perhaps, that there is an inverse proportional relationship: less culture, more crisis. Ignorance costs, financial and economic ignorance is costing a high price for our country. We need to react with courage, ignorance and want to oppose more education. And ‘under this sign – said Andrea Ceccherini – that comes our new challenge: alphabetize the younger generation in the economic-financial “.
The meeting led by the director of the Corriere della Sera Ferruccio de Bortoli saw as the protagonist of the Ex-Governor of the European Central Bank Jean-Claude Trichet who, spurred by questions from Mr. de Bortoli and students in the audience dealt with various themes from Europe, the Euro by the global crisis that has hit many countries in recent years to the importance and the need for greater economic and financial education of the young. “I think it is very important that all young people have a relevant knowledge of economics and finance – said Jean Claude Trichet – and especially ‘important that they have a clear perception of sound finance, projects like those of Young Fa ctor – has the former governor concluded that both sides are good. “

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