“Young Factor”: a project in pursuit of economic and financial literacy

Alessio Vinci

Alessio Vinci was born on 15 April 1968 in Luxembourg. His mother was from Venice and his father Enrico from Messina and an official at the European Parliament and formerly an aid to Gaetano Martino. He had two younger brothers and was raised in Luxembourg. His passion for writing was evident (as a child he used to dream of becoming a good journalist like Gianni Brera) during his Political studies at Milan University but he never obtained a Degree. Thanks to a scholarship he moved to Atlanta, in the USA, where he started to work for CNN; he mainly covered foreign affairs given his knowledge of languages learnt as a child (apart from French and Italian, he speaks Russian, German and of course English). He was Moscow correspondent from 1991 to 1996 at the time of the putsch in the Russian capital and the constitutional crisis in 1993; he also followed the first Chechen war.

Source: biografieonline.it