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Training has a fundamental role in the economic and financial literacy process. Training is offered to both teachers and students, and in turn, teachers also have to train their students. A team of experts and professors from the best Italian Universities examined the training in depth in order to provide teachers with all the necessary tools to accomplish this education process.

During the academic year a handbook was drafted and sent free of charge to all the teachers enrolled in this project: the handbook contains a number of worksheets created using 10 key words in order to give teachers ten different methodology cues and show different educational paths using current affairs as a starting point (based on a newspaper article). Furthermore, 10 video lessons were also prepared and implemented by expert trainers who, using the same 10 key words in the worksheets, were able to show a new approach and new ideas. Teachers and students also used numerous videos in which the experts recommended current topics and made suggestions for the work to be done in the classroom.

There are also five talks and debates closer to home for our students (“Inspire a generation”), who’s keynote speakers and participants were the teachers and students themselves. These meetings, undertaken with one’s own class, explored diverse aspects of economic and financial literacy and were helped along by contributions from key experts.