“Young Factor”: a project in pursuit of economic and financial literacy

Gian Maria Gros-Pietro

Chairman of the Management Board, Intesa Sanpaolo since May 2013. He is also the Chairman of the publicly listed ASTM and an independent adviser to a number of publicly listed companies: Caltagirone, Edison, Fiat. He is a member of the ABI Executive Committee and on the Board of the Turin Industrial Employers’ Association, as well as Chairman of the Scientific Council of Nomisma and a member of Confindustria’s Executive Committee.

For ten years he was a member of the National Council for Economy and Labour. At LUISS University, where he currently sits on the Board of Directors, he served as Head of the Department of Economics and Business from 2004 to 2011. A professor of Business Economics first at Turin University and then at Luiss University, from 1974 to 1995 he was the Director of the Institute for Economic Research on Firms and Growth, the main body of CNR, the Italian National Research Council, in the economic field. In 1997 he was appointed Chairman of IRI with the task of privatising its subsidiaries. In 1999 he was appointed Chairman of Eni where he oversaw the liberalisation of the Italian gas market and the group’s expansion in upstream activities at global level. From 2002 to 2010 he served as Chairman of Atlantia, a leading Italian private infrastructure operator.

Source: intesasanpaolo.com