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I am a journalist, an Italian and European politics analyst, I have written five books and I am a Keynote speaker and a moderator during events in Italy and abroad.

During my career I have been invited by the Corriere della Sera to write about politics and current affairs, have hosted television programmes for RAI Tre and Skytg24, editor of a successful weekly called “A” published by the Rcs Group and author and host of programmes for Radio24 focusing on politics, economics and gender equality.

I hold a Law Degree from Genoa University. Apart from Italian politics, I have also followed many US Presidential campaigns and have held seminars at the University of Chicago, as a Visiting Fellow at the famous David Axelrod Institute of Politics. I am a member of the Board of the Centre for American Studies chaired by Gianni De Gennaro, and beforehand by Giuliano Amato. I am also regularly invited to meetings at the German and French Embassies in Rome, as well as the Italian Embassy in Paris.

During my long career as television and newspaper interviewer I have met and interviewed all the leaders in Italian politics (from Berlusconi to Prodi, up to more recently Salvini, Di Maio, Zingaretti and Giorgia Meloni. My last interview was with former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte) and many international leaders, from Ursula von der Leyen to Barack Obama, from Laura Bush to Marine Le Pen, from Wolfgang Schauble to Tim Cook and Lauren Jobs, as well as Ministers in today’s French and German Governments.

During the last ten years I have been working in Rome, Milan and Paris and in the French capital I have developed a large network of contacts, from the CEOs of large multinationals to representatives of academia the world of culture.

As editor of the “A” weekly magazine I closely studied marketing and brand communication for Made in Italy products, with a special attention given to fashion, beauty and the food sector. I am regularly in touch with these worlds, also as a moderator of events and host of Radio24 programmes.

For many years I have been committed to the gender equality cause. I have written a successful book on this topic, entitled “Il potere delle donne” (Women’s power) published by Feltrinelli and over the past six years I host a programme called “Nessuna è perfetta” (No woman is perfect) on Radio24, a weekend radio programme with the highest audience. I was awarded the Mela d’oro Prize by the Bellisario Foundation because of my commitment in this field.

Other accolades: Ischia Prize for the best news programme on television.

In 2005, I was awarded the title of “Cavaliere della Repubblica” by Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, the then President of the Italian Republic.